Technology leading, cross-border integration

Using images as a chain, integrating resources, cross-border integration, and connecting movie parks

Multimedia video

Scenic area management

Culture and Sports

Lighting and videos

PART1 – film and television

Making promotional videos, image films

——Photographing various types of promotional film images for different places

Television series investment, filming

—— Filming the public welfare movie “Sister Sha’s Diary”, investing in “Soldier Assault” and other TV series

PART2 - multimedia production

 ——The leading multimedia video technology in China, serving as CCTV New Year’s Eve party and “Crossover Singer”

PART3 - Lighting Engineering

Light show

Smart city lighting

Multimedia lighting project

Urban lighting project

Music festival

Scenic night tour products

PART4 - Park Construction Operation Scenic Area Management

[Ba Culture Film Park]

Was rated as the top ten landmark business cards of Chongqing in the past 20 years

The Ba Culture Film Park Management Company operates and manages the Ba Culture Park; implements the Wuba Cultural Project; cultural activities, cultural facilities, cultural content, cultural brand infiltration

[Scenario Operation Management]

Operation and Management of Chongqing Ciqikou old Town and Chongqing Anti-Japanese Warfare Site

PART5 - Culture and Sports

[Chongqing Fitness Dance Association]

Municipal associations, fashion and fitness, pop dance; holding large-scale aerobics dance competitions, building the communication for the popular aerobics dance enthusiasts and the competition platform...

[Hui Kang Ying and Sports Culture Industry Company]

Introduce popular competitions into cities or scenic spots, and make sure that every detail is placed correctly;

Conducting the operation of sports facilities and sports infrastructures; introducing sports culture and building sports facilities in the scenic spot to realize the integration of sports and tourism



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