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hanqing holding


Group Introduction

Found in 1997, Hanqing Group is one of China's leading cultural tourism industrial enterprises. 

With our enterprise mission of “rich culture creates wonderful lives”, Hanqing Group had become one of the top cultural tourism holding companies by consolidating Westart Group, Gehai Pictures, Jiuzhou Catering Group, and Wanjia Cultural Tourism which formed a collaborative and co-developing structure of performing arts industry, filming and lighting design, hotel and catering services, and cultural investment.

Looking forward to the future, Hanqing Group is striving to achieve the goal of “a hundred years of high-quality, billions of proceeds” by 2025. Keeping the business concept of “innovative creation, interlinking resources, constructing shared platform, and cooperation in finding win-win solutions” in mind, Hanqing Group will collaborate with the partners from various industries, building a creative, technological, diverse, and modern cultural tourism incorporation, and becoming one of the top tier companies of the cultural tourism that realizes the wish of “bridging and revitalizing Chinese culture.”



Building 3 Yinghuatianyuan, No.8 Jiangyuan Rd., Tongyuan Bureau, Nanan District, Chongqing