Cultural Tourism stands the first of innovation creation

After Hanqing Group restructured, Westart Group shifted its focus on the businesses of stage art, performance art, art training, artwork business, and art product development. The group now has 4 performing troupes with more than 400 professional artists, and 3000 on-call and by contract artists. Every performing art training class gathers more than 5000 students.


PART1 – Performing Art Institutions

Westart Group has 4 performing art troupes, which are rich in marketing experience in the field of performance art, ensuring they always have the perfect approach of operating and management without financial support.

Chongqing Fire Art Troupe

Chongqing Qinglian Art Troupe

Chongqing Tourism Art Troupe

Chongqing Non-legacy Art Troupe

PART2 – Tourism Performing Art

Culture is empowered by the mixing with the tourism

Stationed tourism performing arts

Mobile performing arts

Light and shadow show new style performing arts

The excellent mode of the combination of arts, business, and tourism

Tourism, local, original, scenario, win-win, sustainable, mainstream

The value of art creation:

To improve cultural confidence

To speed up the spread of the tourism impact

To comprehensively display the tourism culture

To build the best media of local culture

To refine and rebuild the beauty of art

PART3 - Cultural Creativity and Artwork

Beijing Qiuju Art Institute

Shanghai Dongwan Art Center

Chongqing Cultural Creativity Development Center

PART4 - Festivals and Communication

[Shenzhou Chinese and Foreign Cultural Communication Center]

Established in 1998, it hosted the "Sound of the Century - Sino-Portuguese New Year Concert", the Sino-French Cultural Year, Sichuan Opera Gold Europe Tour, etc.

[Large Festivals]

Flying over the millennium (Three Gorges International Tourism Festival)

The Three Gorges, the Poetry Orange Festival (China Baidi City International Poetry Festival)

Red Leaf Love Song (Wushan Red Leaf Festival)

Tianxiang Dianjiang (Dianjiang Peony Festival)

Tiandao Aizhen (China Guizhou Culture Festival)

Forever Three Gorges (Fengjie International Photography Festival)

Shanshui Gallery Xiumiba (Shandong Guangwushan Hongye Festival)


Hundreds of large festivals



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