Developing cultural tourism, Building integrated platform

Wanjia Cultural Tourism is mostly engaged in the cultural tourism development.

Create cultural tourism products such as the featured towns, performing arts parks, music gardens, etc.


[Hanqing Tourism Planning and Design Institute]

The planning and designing of the travel and tourism, with the back-up concept of operation, to achieve the cultural travel industry chain from planning and design, investment and construction to operation.


[Performing Arts Park – Country Ba Romance City]

Telling the story of the Country Ba

The great story is all about the rich background of the Country Ba. It has played and reflected the Chongqing people’s characteristics: always keeping their faith and promises

The project will focus on the theater and build nearly 20 small cultural experiences and performing arts projects. Featuring the characteristics of "special, elaborate, brilliant, and interesting", it writes a "Book of the Witch” and the “Book of Mystery" to create a historical scene, spiritual scene, art scene and entertainment scene of the Ba culture. Taking the repertoire as the core IP, the cultural entertainment, cultural catering, cultural inn, cultural town, cultural science and technology as the product line, the construction of "theater+" new cultural tourism products.


[Performing Arts Park – The Journey to the West]

Relying on the huge targeting group of the theme of the Westward Journey

Create a national IP

Flower and Fruit World - Wan Guo Monkey Park

Big troubles in the palace - the ultimate challenge

Return of Da Sheng - the Gate of Buddha Light

Evolution of Wukong- The Westward Tour

Ninety-nine kalpa - nine-door adventure

Key Stand - Zijiang Shuixiu

Life scene - Gao Lao Shan Villa

- a gift for all middle-aged people

-The gathering of lovers in the world

- a paradise that meets the imagination of countless children


[Performing Arts Park - Non-legacy Park]

a tourist art park that can be visited during the day and night

For the general public and tourists, become a popular travel product

To become a leisure destination for citizens, and the popular spot for the foreign tourists to experience the local culture

To build a non-legacy grand garden (various non-legacy products, including food, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc.)

Non-legacy experience center (experience of various travel art by use of high technology)

Travel throughout South China (tourist display venues in various districts and counties)

Tourist workshop (souvenir workshop with the integration of online APP)


[Micro World]

To use microscopic, positive, intimating approaches to show the tourist attractions, mining areas, factories, cities, etc.

With an area of 2,000 square meters, the show uses sound and light displaying a dynamic, microscopic, living and vivid micro world.


[Music Garden]

City Park 3.0 Products

City park 3.0 is produced by integrating popular music with the leisure culture life

Music Village Garden Theater Music Special Series Music Park Food Gallery Music Living Room Music Hall (Wedding Place)

Beautiful flower scenery of the four seasons (the introduction of the garden design of the world's most beautiful garden)

Weekly musical play (a platform for visitors to participate and perform)

Monthly music friends’ events (promotes singers from different fields)

Yearly Music festivals (becoming an exclusive music festival venue)


[World Folk Song Town]

"Our world needs talented people" - let the folk songs sing cultural confidence, let China become the center of the world folk song culture. Let our rich culture turn into the cultural tourism product world-widely that makes a great impact on millions of people.

The project will take the world folk song culture as the soul and take the cultural tourism industry as the guide to create a world-class folk song town. The construction contents include music cave, world folk song theater, world folk song garden, music flower field, folk song yard, art village, music resort hotel, Tianzhu Street (commercial street), folk song museum, folk song square, art school, non-legacy workshop, etc.



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