The first Ba cultural musical "Bashan Night Rain" received a complete success

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On October 18th, “Bashan Night Rain” was produced by Westart Group, sponsored by Sichuan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, CPC Central Committee of Bazhong, Bazhong Municipal People's Government, Nanjiang County People's Government, Bazhong City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau. The drama "Bashan Night Rain" premiered in Nanjiang County, Bazhong City. At the scene of the show, the audience was enthusiastic, the actors were full of emotions, and the applause cheered for a long time!


Westart always gives the best show. A large original stage play was prepared for 30 days only. In 30 days, it is 720 hours without stopping. It is an effort of 220 cast members who played day and night. It is a new creation of director, screenwriter, video, music, costumes, props staff and dancers. It is the ultimate challenge to the mind and body, and they are pursuing the perfection of art. It is the sincerity to the customer and the firm confidence in the culture.



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