A glorification of the heroes, of the motherland - the successful premiere of the musical "Fire Hero"

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On September 29th, jointly produced by Chongqing Fire Rescue Corps and Chongqing Westart Group, Chongqing Fire Art Troupe and Chongqing Flame Blue Art Troupe, the national art fund project fire musical "Fire Hero" successfully premiered!

At the beginning of 2019, it was rigorously reviewed by the National Art Foundation experts and reported to the National Arts Foundation Council for approval. The musical "Fire Hero" was selected as the "National Art Foundation 2019 Funded Projects List". Through the help of the young commander Meng Yun, with the help of the captain and his comrades, the play overcomes the change of the psychological process of completing the self-breakthrough, reflecting the joys and sorrows of the firefighting rescuers in the military camp, and the growth under the adversity. There is no retrograde in times of crisis.

The whole drama consists of the preface and the four acts. The preface: Energetic Young Age; the first act: Preparations; the second act: Homesickness; the third act: The assault; the end: China pride. Taking the real life of the firefighting rescue commander as the inspirations, there is bitterness and joy; there are sobs and songs; there are hardships in training, humor in life, and choices in the danger; there are a life-and-death friendship and love of the country. 

"Heroes of Fire" embodies the 20 years of unremitting pursuit of art by Westart Group and embodies the passion of the fire rescue propaganda in the 15 years since the establishment of the Fire Art Troupe. After continuous polishing and improving, on the eve of National Day, the show became part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

When the audience burst into tears to applaud the actors; when the cheers are in the theater; when the song "Singing the Motherland" reverberates over the theater for a long time... More than 200 cast members, 180 days of high-intensity training, all sweat, and effort belong to this moment!



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